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Antitrust regulation

The main areas in which the Bureau’s lawyers provide legal assistance in this sphere include:
  • advising on the merger control regime in Russia;
  • representing companies in disputes over monopolistic actions (abuse of dominant market position, conclusion of agreements or performance of concerted activities prohibited by law);
  • representing companies in disputes over unfair competition (dissemination of false information, misleading of consumers, illegal use of intellectual property and means of individualisation).
The Bureau’s lawyers have considerable experience in merger clearances and representing companies before the antimonopoly bodies and in arbitration courts in disputes with antimonopoly bodies. Specifically, Bureau lawyers have:
  • represented the interests of a major cement company before the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and its regional bodies and before arbitration courts on a case regarding the fixing of an excessively high price;
  • represented the interests of one of Russia’s coal majors on a case of abuse of dominance;
  • represented a Russian equipment supplier on an unfair competition case;
  • advised a major metal company on obtaining clearance from the FAS of Russia for an industry global merger; prepared and filed the relevant applications.
The Bureau’s lawyers sit on expert councils of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and are founders of and active participants in Non-commercial partnership ”Competition Support Association” formed on the initiative of the FAS of Russia.

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