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Taxes and taxation

Our tax specialists provide the following legal services:
  • advice on calculation and discharge of profit tax, VAT, excise duties, the unified social tax, severance tax, property tax, land tax, and also on application of special tax regimes; 
  • clarification of the most complex operations in terms of taxation, including securities transactions, operations with financial instruments of forward transactions and subsoil use; 
  • transaction tax risks: identification and assessment; 
  • business structuring (including of multinational holdings) in the most tax-efficient manner; 
  • challenging actions and decisions of tax authorities in superior tax bodies and in court; we have successfully assisted clients in more than 200 disputes;
  • challenging tax regulatory documents;
  • tax litigation.
Our tax lawyers are auditors certified by the Ministry of Finance, possessing extensive experience of working in executive positions in tax authorities. Their professionalism and extensive theoretical and practical skills of working with state authorities, and also their knowledge of all the intricacies of the Russian tax system, allow them to develop the most effective ways to organise and do business. In particular, our tax lawyers: 
  • have provided litigation support on the most difficult tax issues concerning subsoil use, placement and circulation of securities, leasing, establishment and organisational structure of holdings, and industrial activities of enterprises; the decisions reached in courts on these cases currently establish important precedents; 
  • have assisted one of the first Russian low-cost airlines in choosing the preferable tax regime (structuring foreign investments, asset acquisition, distribution of profit, etc.); 
  • have advised the representative office of a foreign company on the most tax-efficient allocation of offices in ”Tower 2000” between several foreign companies; 
  • have structured relations between investors in a construction project, using raised funds, considering the  advantages of a joint venture agreement, and subsequent use of a retail and entertainment centre and office building in the Southern Federal Area; 
  • have worked out and implemented a tax-efficient scheme for investment in a construction project and subsequent distribution of income from the sale (rent) of flats in the Moscow region and Southern Federal Area.
Our tax lawyers have developed and successfully implemented a unique system for gathering additional evidence, making it possible to prove the validity of tax benefits enjoyed by our clients.

The tax practice is one of the Bureau’s core practices. All transactions supported by the Bureau are subject to detailed tax analysis.

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