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Fee policy

Depending on the project’s peculiarity and client’s wishes the Law Bureau «EDAS» applies four different remuneration forms for the legal experts’ services.

Hourly Fee. As many other legal firms in the world, the Bureau keeps records of its lawyers' working hours regardless of the remuneration on the current project. The amount of remuneration in the given case will depend upon the existing in the Bureau hourly rate for the lawyers that are taking part in the fulfillment of the Client's assignment.

Fixed Fee. As sometimes an hourly fee is not convenient for the Client, the Law Bureau «EDAS» offers to reconcile the maximum fee for the legal experts’ work at the project. The given form of cooperation is applied only in such cases when the required work volume could be defined at the receipt of an order from a Client.

Success Fee. It’s the Bureau legal experts’ remuneration for a successful project finish.

Mixed Fee. It’s applied at the add litem solicitations, all-inclusive projects execution and is a combination of the first three forms of remuneration for «EDAS» legal experts’ services.

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