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Texts and Materials: “Marrakesh Agreement establishing the World Trade Organization”

Ilya Lifshits, Senior Partner, Associate Professor of Department of International Law in Russian Foreign Trade Academy
Alina Loseva, lawyer

This publication is the first edition of the texts of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements in Russian, presented as a book. It includes some other documents related to the membership of the Russian Federation in the WTO. The second part of the book contains index which helps to navigate in the agreements and to search for the necessary terms, and the list of the literature in Russian and English on the WTO law divided into topics to ease the learning process.
This book is intended for a wide range of readers studying the WTO law: academics, practitioners and students.
Other coauthors of the book are Vladimir Shumilov, Daria Boklan, Marina Trunk-Fedorova and Ekaterina Pokatilova. Подробнее >>

"Legal Aspects of Russia and EU Energy Sector Relations in the Context of the ‘Third Energy Package’ WTO Dispute (DS 476)"

Ilya Lifshits, Senior Partner, Associate Professor of Department of International Law in Russian Foreign Trade Academy

The book “The Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union. Moving toward a Greater Understanding”, 2017

In 2009 in the EU came into force legal instruments establishing rules for energy sector, referred to as the “Third Energy Package”. In the article the author analyzes provisions challenged by the RF in WTO. The main idea of the complaint if that “the TEP […] unjustifiably restricts imports of natural gas originating in Russia and discriminates against Russian natural gas pipeline transport services and service suppliers”. The article also describes the possible results of such dispute.

You can find out how to buy the book here Подробнее >>

“Real Estate”

Igor Kurochkin, Partner
Dayana Dzhimbeeva, lawyer

The Journal Getting the Deal Through "Real Estate – 2017".

The Journal Getting the Deal Through "Real Estate" 2017" has published an updated article by Igor Kurochkin and Dayana Dzhimbeeva, lawyers of the Law Bureau "EDAS". The article is devoted to a general description of the legal regulation of the turnover of real estate in the Russian Federation, and recent changes in the legislation are mentioned. The authors give answers to a wide range of issues that may arise for the participants in this turnover, including foreign investors.

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"Issues of credit institutions’ liability for breach of banking legislation"

 Pokatilova E.V., lawyer

The Journal "Business and Law" (first published), 2016, №11
Effective banking supervision requires a broad range of instruments; however, its scope needs to be set out in the legislation clearly and understandable for supervised entities. The article is aimed to prove the necessity of the alignment of the existing rules of the administrative and banking law with each other, elimination of the inconsistencies, reduction of number and clear articulation of the issues of the Bank of Russia. Such arrangements would be the first step towards transparency and predictability of the banking sector. Подробнее >>
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