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"The enforcement of emergency arbitration decisions"

Pavel Prokofyev, lawyer
First published in «International justice» journal №1 (17), 2016

The article describes the concept, distinctive features and characteristics of the emergency arbitration procedure in international commercial arbitration, a brief history of the development and application of this procedure. Подробнее >>

“Real Estate”

Igor Kurochkin, Partner

Dayana Dzhimbeeva, lawyer 

The magazine "Getting the Deal Through "Real Estate – 2016".

The Yearbook "Getting The Deal Through "Real Estate" 2016" has published an updated article by Igor Kurochkin and Dayana Dzhimbeeva, lawyers of the Law Bureau "EDAS". As in previous years, the article is devoted to a general description of the legal regulation of the turnover of real estate in the Russian Federation. The authors give answers to a wide range of issues that may arise for the participants in this turnover, including foreign investors. Подробнее >>

«Prospects for harmonization of tax legislation of the member states of the EAEU»
Raisa Zorina, lawyer, member of the Chamber of Tax Advisers, tax adviser of the second category

Magazine «Zakonodatel’stvo» (first publication), 2015, No. 7

On 1 January 2012 the common economic space (further on — CES) has united Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. One of the main goals of the EES, set in 1999, is to form a common market for goods, capital and labor, which is impossible without the abolition of tax and customs barriers and restrictions. In this connection, while creating the EES legal framework, the emphasis has been placed on harmonization and unification of national tax legislations of the member states as well as on the intergovernmental agreements, stating further paths of development of the processes mentioned. Подробнее >>
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“Mergers and Acquisitions”

Igor Akimov, Partner

Ilya Lifshits, Partner

Alim Oshnokov, Legal Expert

The magazine “Getting the Deal Through” 2015”

Annual edition “Getting The Deal Through “Mergers and Acquisitions” -2015”, released a renewed article written by Igor Akimov, Ilya Lifshits and Alim Oshnokov – the lawyers of EDAS Law Bureau. As previously, the article is devoted to legal regulation of M&A in Russia and transactions with its various aspects, reflecting some additional aspects and the latest changes in legislation.
We attach a copy of the article with the consent of the editors.

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