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«Acts of God: Scope of use»
Mikhail Boulekov, Senior lawyer
“Economy and Law” magazine (first published), №3, 2015
The article scrutinizes different interpretations of the notion of acts of God in civil law and other branches of law.
The author comes to the conclusion that, relying on the practice of application, the idea of including this institution into the general provisions of the Russian Civil Code makes sense. Подробнее >>
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«Alternative methods of the enforcement and recognition of arbitral awards»
Pavel Prokofyev
First published in «Arbitration» journal (№5), 2014.
The article explores the different opportunities of the enforcement and recognition of arbitral awards that were abolished at the place of arbitration and remedies of claiming for compensation for losses, caused by unlawfully nullified arbitral awards, as provided for by relevant international treaties. Подробнее >>
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“Mergers and Acquisitions”
Igor Akimov, Partner

Ilya Lifshits, Partner 

Alim Oshnokov, Legal Expert

The magazine “Getting the Deal Through” 2014” 

The magazine “Getting The Deal Through”, published in London, released an article written by Igor Akimov, Ilya Lifshits and Alim Oshnokov – the lawyers of EDAS Law Bureau. The article is devoted to legal regulation of M&A in Russia and deals with the various aspects of such transactions as well as with the latest changes in legislation devoted to corporate law. We attach a copy of the article with the consent of the editors.

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“Representations in draft of Civil Code of the Russian Federation”

D. Dzhimbeeva, lawyer

Journal “ Legislation”, 2014, No.2

The issue of representations is current in the light of current reform of Russian civil legislation. The institute of representation, well known to common law countries, is still not present in the Russian law system. So the introduction of special rule on representations would allow for better protection of participants of economic activity. Since application of the new rule is mainly connected with cases of sale of shares or participant interests in Russian economic companies, the issue will be illustrated on example of shares sale and purchase agreement.

At the end of the article the author makes conclusions to include in provision 431.2 the definition ‘representations’ and the order of determining losses caused by false representations given at conclusion of the contract and pre-contractual stage of negotiations.

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