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“If there’s nobody to notify about on-site tax inspection”.
Anton Yarmak, Partner

“Tax Disputes” magazine, 2013, No8

Almost every company has to deal with tax authorities in course of its business activity. The closest contact takes place in course of on-site tax inspections.
Unfortunately, tax inspectors often don’t agree with the company on the time for the first visit.
The author tells what can happen if the general director or chief accountant are not at the workplace when tax inspectors come to hand over a decision on conducting an on-site tax inspection. Подробнее >>
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Challenging taxmen’s decision: step 3 – appeal
A.V.Yarmak, partner
R.S.Zorina, lawyer

Journal “Tax Disputes”, 2013, No4

The words “…we lost the battle but didn’t lose the war…” belong to Field-Marshal Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov. Those who failed proving their case in the court of first instance can be advised to add to their armoury these words of the Great Russian commander. We can recommend to “work on the bugs” to identify the so-called “bottlenecks” of judgement and prepare for the extension of dispute.
The authors examine the procedural peculiarities and they also give their practical recommendations on the appeal of the decision of the court of first instance in the Court of Appeal. Подробнее >>
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«Risks description in prospectuses: PROTECTION OF INVESTORS OR ISSUER?».
Ilya Lifshits, Senior partner
Irina Barbashova, Senior lawyer
«Corporate lawyer» magazine, 2013, №04 (
«Disclosure of information about the issuer in prospectuses is considered to be major protection measure of an investor. This institution is fundamental for legal regulation of capital market. Risks-factors’ section takes considerable, if not the major, part of any prospectus. Lawyers spend hundreds of hours to define risks, inherent to business, industry sector, political and economic systems of the country in the most clear and roomy way. The article reviews such wordings of prospectus of companies listed on London and Irish Stock Exchanges». Подробнее >>
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"Real Estate"


 Igor Kurochkin, Partner

 The magazine “Getting the Deal Through” 2011.
Land plot turnover and the unification of regulation on state registration of title and keeping of land and other real estate records remain areas still require improvement, and therefore Russian civil law in this area is continuously evolving. In article the author presents a general description of the real estate regulation  in the Russian Federation and provides answers to a wide range of issues that may arise among the participants of this process, including foreign investors.
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