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July 15, year 2020

     The monograph “International financial law and European Union law: interaction and mutual influence” by Senior partner Ilya Lifshits has been published. 
     The monograph examines an interaction and mutual influence of the international financial law and the European Union law. The subject and the system of the international financial law and the EU financial law are outlined. The author suggests a typology of interaction and demonstrates specific features of implementation of the international financial law in various sections and institutions of the EU financial law, as well as the mechanism of the reverse influence of the EU bodies on the international financial legal order.
     The author argues that the international financial law and the EU law use a model of interaction between general and special regime of international law as well as a model of implementation of international law in domestic legal system.
The book may be of interest to researchers, lecturers and students in the field of international and European law as well as to anyone interested in interaction of legal systems and in the global financial architecture. 

You can purchase the monograph on the publisher's website at this link here.

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