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News, year 2009

December, 23

EDAS Law Bureau has become a member of Italian Chamber of Commerce in Russia. Membership in this organization, which has been a stronghold of Italian business in Russia over many years, enables us to understand better the needs of our Italian clients which have business in Russia as well as to share our professional expertise with other members of this association.

October, 30

Igor Akimov, Partner at EDAS Law Bureau, took part in the conference “Anti-monopoly Regulation in Russia”, held on 29 October 2009 in Moscow at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

October, 26

EDAS Law Bureau is a sponsor of the conference entitled “Anti-monopoly Regulation in Russia”, to be held on 29 October 2009 in Moscow (at the Ritz Carlton Hotel). The impending conference is a unique for Russia, full-scale event devoted to aspects of anti-monopoly regulation, the priorities of anti-trust policy development, and the theoretical and practical aspects of its implementation.

September, 16

The journal Company Lawyer (No. 9, 2009) publishes a review by Alexander Zasorin of the book by M.V.Popov entitled “Acquisition of Public Land for Construction of Commercial Real Estate”.

July, 17

Igor Akimov, Partner of EDAS Law Firm, commented upon the appearance of the institute of joint-stock agreements in the Russian legislation to the «Law» magazine.

May, 17

Igor Kurochkin, Partner of EDAS Law Firm, commented upon the topic “State corporations. To be or not to be” in the “Law” magazine (№5, 2009 г.), section “Event. Experts’ commentaries”.

March, 18

The “Law” magazine, No. 3, 2009 publishes under the headline “Foreign experience” an article by EDAS Law Bureau Partner Ilya Lifshits entitled “Regulation of the stock market in the European community: an example or landmark for international co-operation?”

February, 4

The magazine “Company Lawyer” (No. 2, 2009) publishes an article by EDAS Law Bureau Partner Evgeniy Bryanetsky entitled “Loan of paperless shares”.

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