International Financial Regulation

The practice of International Financial Regulation has evolved since the mid-1990s, when Bureau was one of the first on the Russian legal services market to advise on projects to attract foreign capital into Russian business.

The cross-border activities of trustee companies and the internationalization of their corporate structures have prompted the development of another practice area – international tax planning, without which efficient conduct of modern business on international markets is not possible.

New challenges of our time, such as application of restrictive measures by foreign jurisdictions in international trade and the policy of economic sanctions, require protection of our clients’ interests in this sphere as well.

Specialization of our key lawyers in international law area contributes to successful fulfillment of practice’s tasks in above-mentioned spheres.

International Capital Markets

International capital market
  • reorganization of corporate structures in order to comply with transparency requirements to issuers of financial instruments;
  • assistance in transition of companies to international standards of corporate governance to international financial reporting standards (IFRS);
  • preparation of documents required for the offering of securities, including prospectuses;
  • cooperation with underwriters, international auditors and legal advisors in foreign jurisdictions.
Loan Financing
  • support of transactions for granting loans by foreign banks;
  • assisting clients in meeting the requirements of banks for Russian companies and their owners;
  • obtaining guarantees from foreign banks for Russian buyers of high-value industrial equipment;
  • advising foreign banks on extending loans to Russian companies.
Cryptocurrency assets
  • legal support for mining;
  • advising on taxation in foreign jurisdictions;
  • conducting ICOs;
  • optimizing tax implications of transferring cryptoassets to Russia;
  • developing ownership structure of IT projects;
  • conducting transactions using blockchain technology;
  • support of the process of preparing and conducting an IPO of one of the leading coal companies in Russia;
  • restructuring for the purposes of the IPO of a Russian company – the market leader in engineering services and construction works for oil and gas fields;
  • support of Eurobond (CLN) issue projects with listing on the London and Irish Stock Exchanges;
  • advising underwriting banks in preparation for the IPO of a Russian energy company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange;
  • provision of professional legal opinions (legal opinion) to European banks on issues related to lending to Russian enterprises and banks; support of a cryptocurrency mining project and structuring the ownership of cryptocurrency assets in accordance with Swiss legislation;

International tax planning

Trusts, holdings, SPVs
  • structuring of foreign holding structures, taking into account the specifics of double taxation;
  • support of acquisitions of businesses and personal assets abroad with selection of the optimal tax regime.
OECD, FATF, anti-laundering
  • development of the company’s internal policy on compliance with anti-corruption legislation;
  • structuring of transactions and optimization of tax consequences in view of anti-money laundering law requirements.
Capital repatriation
  • advising clients on complex asset recovery issues in connection with deoffshorization and amnesty policies;
  • foreign asset restructuring to comply with russian law requirements;
  • structuring transactions for the return of assets to Russia as part of the deoffshorization procedure; creation of holding structures and conducting transactions in order to optimize tax consequences;

Regulatory Affairs

International Sanctions
  • advising on economic sanctions regimes and the consequences of their violation;
  • assisting in settling relations with counterparties in contracts whose performance potentially violates sectional restrictions;
  • advising on drafting and filing an application to the EEU for an anti-dumping investigation;
  • interaction with regulatory authorities, business unions on the issues of damage to the sectors of economy;
  • analysis of the prospects of introducing anti-dumping duties
  • supporting clients in dealings with foreign consultants and banks
  • advising on the issues of conducting an anti-dumping investigation in the EAEU and the introduction of an anti-dumping duty; advising on the settlement of relations from the supply of oil refining equipment under the conditions of the sanctions of the European Union.